Hemp oil, source of nutrients.

More and more scientific studies have described in depth the many benefits of hemp oil , whether for medicinal use, for use in cosmetics, or for being beneficial for health in general . In this article we talk about its properties as well as its different uses.


A brief introduction to the cannabis plant



The Cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic purposes, apart from its recreational purposes . Thanks to scientific advances throughout all these years to the present, it has been discovered that the fat obtained from the seeds of the plant contains a multitude of healthy components, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids , two biomolecules that Combined properly they are more beneficial than the exclusive supply of omega 3 through oily fish. Taking into account the medical literature, in 2014 the Medicinal Plants research group of the University of Seville published a scientific article in which the components of the oil from the hemp seed were described as potentially beneficial for the body.




The medical marijuana is booming in recent years. Although its therapeutic effects have been used for generations, the truth is that, in some way, its consumption has been seen as something prohibited for years. However, and fortunately for all those people who use it to improve their health situation, there are more and more studies that prove the benefits of this plant and, as a consequence, the number of people who try it and the countries that, in some way, “approve” its consumption for such purposes.





The most common way of consuming marijuana has always been by burning it. People who like to smoke find pleasure in this act. However, for those who habitually do not smoke, this fact is not pleasant at all. That is why different ways of consuming marijuana and its ingestion have been experimented with, either by introducing it into the diet or by consuming the CBD oil from the plant itself. It is at this last point that we want to stop in today’s article on Hemp Oil Health Benefits.



The CBD is the component of the marijuana plant that allows it to be used for medicinal purposes and therefore consume the same oil is a simple, pleasant and comfortable to benefit from its positive effects so.




You can make your own homemade CBD oil yourself by following the simple steps that we explain today in this post. But first, let’s stop for a moment to analyze what CBD oil has.


CBD oil characteristics

As we have already mentioned, the main benefit of CBD oil is that it does not have to be smoked , nor does it have to be introduced into food (although it can be done if desired) and that it can be consumed discreetly , at any time. . For this reason, it is also very suitable for those parents who supply this product to their children.




But not only that. The euphoria or “high” effects/Hemp Oil Health Benefits that are expected when cannabis use is for leisure or well-being purposes are also eliminated or almost completely disappeared.




Regarding the therapeutic benefits of this product, it should be mentioned that there are numerous studies that have shown that CBD oil has anticonvulsant properties , in addition to being very effective in reducing muscle spasticity.




Multiple benefits of this hemp oil



Thus, Hemp Oil Health Benefits are lot. The seed oil provides a proportionate amount of both polyunsaturated fatty acids , especially linoleic and gamma-linoleic acid , which is why it is beneficial at the cardiovascular and brain level , in addition to regulating cholesterol metabolism. For this reason, its consumption is recommended in people suffering from heart disease and arthritis, since it reduces the incidence of blood clots and  reduces inflammation in the joints.. The latter is what makes it really interesting from a nutritional point of view, since nowadays the diet is increasingly rich in saturated fatty acids and attempts are being made to reduce their intake, due to its relationship with the increase in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and, therefore, with the risk of coronary heart disease.




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